Remember MUGEN?


Nov 13, 2001
I totally forgot all about this program/game till this morning looking into abandoned games to DL for my XP rig that I already didnt own on disc, and in my hunt I came across this, and used to play it waaaaaaaaay back in the day. If you want to have a go with it I have included some files on my onedrive for you all to DL. At this time, however, I cannot seem to get it to play under windows 10, but plays just fine on my XP rig, go figure. When I try to start the game under 10, it tries, and in task manager, its running in the background, but nothing shows up on screen. But since it plays fine on my XP unit, I havent tried to figure out why its not running on my much more modern hardware.

If you have XP, have fun, if you have 10, and can get it to work, let us know so it can be played on windows 10 :D

Click below to go to my one drive and get the game (s)

Click me to go to my One Drive, and get the game :D
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Nov 16, 2006
I don't, but it looks rather interesting. 2D fighting freeware game from back in the day with a massive roster of fighters.

Likely won't ever play it, not really into fighting games nowadays either (never really was, but I'm still not, either).
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