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Religion - the greatest killer of all

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May 26, 2003
Originally posted by: Moonbeam
Originally posted by: LunarRay
Originally posted by: Moonbeam
I read that since the Jews stopped saying it in the 3rd century, nobody knows how it was originally pronounced.

The reason the camel is hauty and prowd is because he knows the 99th name of God. A saying.

How much like camels we are.
I must be a camel too... "al-Sabur (The Patient)" is the 99th name of God.
If God is The Patient, who's The Doctor?

Originally posted by: Shad0hawK
Originally posted by: Moonbeam
Originally posted by: Shad0hawK
let's not kid ourselves, militant atheism has killed more people than religion has, again look at history.
Don't militant atheists come out of religious cultures as reactionaries.

so basicaly your syaing it is still religions fault, just secondary? take stalin for example, he thought the most pragmatic way to get rid of religion was getting rid of the religious, since atheism tells us there is no moral law, and since what stalin did was legal in his country, how was he wrong? what grounds are objections to what he did based on?

I didn't say anything was anybody's fault. As to what grounds there are to objections, I'd name "The Gound of Being"
could you elucidate?



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Nov 24, 1999
could you elucidate?
Well I could but I don't know for what good. It would be just my opinion, you see:

It is impossible to prove there is a God, but we know that people keep thinking there is. I don't mean people that practice the faith of their fathers and mothers, but a small number of people who keep having some sort of experience of the divine. The experience happens to people all over the world of every faith and of none and causes them to sort of stand out from the crowd. Some call it God realization, or enlightenment, or cosmic consciousness, of finding ones true self. It doesn't matter about the name but the people who experience have weird things in common. They aren't human in the ordinary sense and they freak people out. They point to another place. Anyway one of the things I notice they seem to have in common is some notion of a timeless state. I'd call it catching a wave, an intensity of focus sufficient to enter the present. Presence, Being, or the Ground of Being, Flow, whatever you like. The name of God given to Moses translates something like 'I will become (who, what) I will become" I would call this the state of conscious where there is no time between what is and what one is aware of, the state in which one has and is one's self. There, the will of creation, the flow, and ones own will are indistinguishably the same. There one is at cause and caused in the same instant.


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Aug 15, 2001

those people may be having very similar experiences but can it be proven that it even is "the same" experience, or the same "god"?
have there been any studies on these people? the chemicals in their brains/bodies?


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Mar 2, 2003
Originally posted by: InfectedMushroom
those people may be having very similar experiences but can it be proven that it even is "the same" experience, or the same "god"?
have there been any studies on these people? the chemicals in their brains/bodies?
Excuse the butt in, kindly.
Think about the folks who say they were taken up by aliens. Only folks who believe in aliens seem to believe these folks. What Moonbeam say's is my understanding and/or belief of how eternity can exist. An existence where "Time" is not in the equation. On earth we think that to "warp" time we must get close to the Speed of Light (C). But, if we accelerate mass toward that velocity we make the mass so great that the entire mass of the universe will gravitate toward it and become one with it. Same with length. But, without time in the equation yesterday, today, and tomorrow (all time functions) are the same. I some how know this is true just like the "Trinity of God" I know this is true as well but, not by logical reasoning or deduction but, knowing the same as I'm typing this now... my now not your now if you are reading this... Time is funny... just imagine no time.. How long does it take (time again) to go from NY to LA... 0. You are always in the present. Our past and future are the present...


Mar 9, 2000
Originally posted by: drag
Originally posted by: apoppin
Originally posted by: drag
Originally posted by: Stonewall
In the Bible, the Israelites were Ordered - by Yahweh (that's Jesus' Dad) - to EXTERMINATE their (non-beliving) neighbors - Man, Woman and Child - . .. the Jews of today seem to be right in line with their bloodthirsty religion from the beginning 'till now. Their RELIGION is at fault.
What on Earth are you talking about? :confused:

Well Yahweh is a ignorant person's way of trying to show their knowledge of the christian/jewish religion. It's is a bastardization of the the actual hebrew word/phrase which is what God told Moses to tell the Isrealites when Moses asked what his name was.

Pure ignorance. Even though some christians actually beleive that's the correct name. It is not.

Otherwisethe rest is just a tirade of anti-jewish BS he probably picked up online or at a school somewhere.
Well - "mr scholar", should I have posted the tetragrammaton in ancient Hebrew to satisfy you? Or just YHWH? (or better HWHY since Hebrew is read from right to left).

Or perhaps "Jehovah" in English?

Or should we use "lord" or "god" - which are not even private names at all. :p

Your own ignorance of ancient history and things 'christian' or Jewish are too big to ignore.
There is a correct way to pronounce it and their is a incorrect way. Yahweh is a perversion created by people who just don't know any better. Using it in a statement ment to condem a entire way of life just goes to show how idiotic the statement is in the first place and shows that the person has no concept of what he is talking about.

If I start talking about cars for instance and start talking about talking about the TURTO makes the MOTAR go faster by increasing the DISPLACMNET of the ARI by increasing the VACUME in the VENTURAS then it's painfully obvious that I have no f-ing clue what I am talking about and probably should be ignored.
You haven't the slightest CLUE about what you are talking. There is NO correct way to pronnounce IT. :p

Your credibility - is ZERO. :p