Reinstalling windows 8 on SSD of new Asus laptop- how?

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by wp746911, Nov 10, 2012.

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    I have new asus laptop (k55a). I'm trying to remove the HD it came with and put an SSD into it- but I can't get windows 8 to load on the SSD.

    It came with windows 8 regular/home installed(not pro)- it has a restore file built into the HD- that's swell but it's of no use if I use a new HD- no hard DVD to use. I've tried loading the windows 8 pro download I have, but it's a no go- says the key doesn't match (i assume its using the bios key). Sure- I understand it doesn't match- but where the H@ll can I get a legitimate windows 8 regular download to install? I have a real windows 8 key, just can't get the windows 8 (non-pro) software to install??
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    The easiest thing to do will be to contact Asus and ask for restoration media.

    Otherwise you need to look at their utilities and see if they include anything to make restore discs.

    Your final option would be to skip reinstalling, and find some way to clone the HDD on to your SSD.
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