Question Redragon Mech RGB KB, anyone know/make software for it?


Nov 13, 2001
I just got my Hands on a Redragon Mech Keyboard and though it is super freakin amazin, I WANT MORE!!!

I have the products software I got from their site, and it doe nothing more really then what you can do on the board itself pressing/holding a few keys, BUT, I am looking for software so that it will act as a spectrum EQ going along with games/movies/music having lights and different graphics all over the place with popping colors to boot.

I won a Goodwill auction, getting 2 keyboards, one is this one I mentioned, the other is a Razor one. The Razor has mushy keys, but I did not really look much into the redragon for its a cheap brand, and I already have a cheap blue mech rgb now with bad lighting, but sounds and feels amazin. I hooked up the razon to check out the software that goes with it, and wow, I was blown away, especially now I have a keyboard that will pulse with my music and everything. AND THEN I HOOKED UP THE REDRAGON AND WTFHOLYSHITEBBQBUTTERFLIES! Keys, still blue, their in house it turns out, is sooooo satisfying, BUT the lights, if they only took advantage of the fact you can run it off a software program, they could of added in a few extra goodies, which would make it a spectrum/music RGB sound activated holy cow mode. Literally it has to be the best lighting I have seen in hand or on the internet so far. They are individually lit RGB every color under the rainbow for EACH individual key!!! And it has a program that allows you to change each single key to what ever you want as well, so why on earth, if they have a way to light each key by its self, and the board does some moving shows, like the one I am running now, light in a arrow shape comes from the sides, then spins around some keys on the side and shoots out. Another cool one is a spectrum wave, again making them any color you would want.

So I am asking, does anyone know of said program I am looking for really opening what can be done with its lights doing a mod to the existing driver, or anyone here feel like taking a shot at it to really make these the best things since sliced bread?

This video is NOT my board, but it turns out also, that they put the same light show in them all, and again this all can be done with software, to do all the lights, so Im not a programer, but I can see that if someone was, it would not be much to do to mod the driver to go insane and make all kinds of graphics to go all oer the board too :)

Im not good at getting my points across, especially in type on boards (I am sorry glad you made it this far)
But what I am meaning in a way other then the music moving and lighting, but I am thinking like graphics, like a mario shape made out on the left side with its individual key lights in RGB (now this isn not really a RGB, for I am saying that because it has rgb, BUT this will change to ANY COLOR, but brown) So you can use each key as its own light pixel to make a "shape" within a few keys. So Mario on the left, ground moving under him, jumping, and what not. Hell go even farther and figure out how to make a "mini" screen to do that, but move and make everything you see in blocky color shapes going across the keys as you go across the screen ;)

Anyway, yeah, video sux but he goes over everything it does within pushing/holding a few buttons on the board(s), but ALL of that can also be done with a software program on the pc, so I could feel modding that to do more off the pc would make this sucker be THE keyboard to own hands down! IMHO.