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Question Recommended pre-built for Autodesk Maya?


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May 8, 2004
I have a friend who is looking to buy a production/pre-built box for Autodesk Maya. e.g. Dell, Hp, whomever

I'm doing some research now on recommended specs, how important is it to run with a quattro card vs. a geforce card for this type of build? This is a student fresh out of school, $1500 and then a $2500 price point would be likely for 2 recommended production builds.


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Mar 29, 2001
There has always a big debate about Quadro vs plain GTX/RTX given that Quadro cards are so expensive vs the performance regular GTX/RTX cards bring to the table. You won't see the resolution of that debate here....it will outlive all of us.

In general, Quadro drivers are more stable, optimized for CAD type work, and the Quadro is capable of doing double precision math (important for certain types of engineering workloads, such as structural stress analysis, etc). High end Quadro cards have tons of onboard memory (I think the Quadro RTX-8000, $5000+ card, has like 48GB of onboard video memory). In most cases, if you have a driver issue with supported software, you CAN expect Autodesk/nVidia to provide you with a fix for Quadro cards. None of these apply to regular GTX/RTX cards and drivers - you might have to roll back a driver as a temporary fix, and it isn't guaranteed that a future driver will even resolve the issue you are having.

Regarding Maya specifically, Autodesk certifies compatibility for Quadro cards with their software, while they only test regular GTX/RTX cards to ensure they work (nothing more, nothing less).

That being said, for the price, regular GTX/RTX cards can provide a very cost effective solution IF you can live with the driver situation and don't need double precision math capability.
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