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Question recommendations for a case for a budget (<$400) build


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Mar 24, 2005
It's been a while (10+ years) since I built a PC, but I'm getting close to taking the plunge. I think I have most components picked out already. Ryzen 3200G, 2x8=16GB memory, and some kind of name-brand 512GB M.2 SSD with a B550 board. I have an old Earthwatts 380W PSU and blu-ray drive I'll re-use too.

Most of this was easy to decide. On my budget, a 3200G is a no-brainer, and I want the B550 for an upgrade path. The PSU still works fine, and 512GB is more than enough for my needs right now. 16GB isn't much more expensive, and stands to improve performance considerably over 8GB.

Weirdly, though, I'm finding that the most difficult component to pick out is a case. It has to be a tower, no more than 17" in height or depth. It also has to have an external 5.25" bay for my blu-ray drive.

I'm currently leaning towards this Thermaltake Versa H15 for $50 shipped. But I don't know, I'm kinda in the dark as to what to look for. Any help would be much appreciated.


Ken g6

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Dec 11, 1999
It would be nice if you could get an ATX case - it opens up more motherboard options. After looking through a bunch of ATX cases on PCPartPicker, I think only the cheapest might work for you:

The length is a little long, but I think if you replaced the screws at the back it would fit entirely. There's only one problem:

No bay for the optical drive?? Excuse me, the bay is there (one of them) but it won't work with a mother board in the case. Doh! The other 2 from the outside are just for looks??
So, buyer beware. Maybe it requires an extra-short optical drive?