Recommend some good bands/singers/etc.

Mar 15, 2003
Partition Magic screwed up on me so I lost my MP3s partition. I'll be rebuilding my collection and could use some new recommendations.

Here's what I'm into, stolen from my myspace:
Alias, Buck 35, Shiny Toy Guns, The Kooks, The Knife, The Blow, CSS, Rise Against, Prince, The Chemical Brothers, Interpol, Snoop Dog (Doggy Style era), Bright Eyes, Feist, Scout Niblet, Cinerama, M.I.A.,Bjork, The Delgados, The Stars, The Cure, Zero 7, Devendra Banhart, Iron and Wine, Karen Ann, Beth Orton, Cursive, Thrice, Portishead, The Ramones, Cat Power, Anticon, Belle &; Sebastian, Massive Attack, Justin Timberlake,Arab Strap, Death Cab for Cutie, Dntel, The Postal Service, Eminem, Lamb, Calexico, the Coup, Air