Really Strange Problem with Video...HELP!


Golden Member
Jan 3, 2000
Okay...I've been having this problem for about 2 months, and it is really starting to get on my nerves. When I'm playing Diablo II, and I get disconnected from it of couse says "Lost connection to" and then proceeds to go back to the regular diablo screen...well, instead of that, my screen just goes blank. I know that it isn't locking up, becuase if I have mp3s playing, they continue playing, and if I try to alt tab to something else, the screen still stays blank. Sometimes I can alt-tab, start hitting random keys, and here I know that everything is working...accept for video that is. I have a voodoo5, but I didn't have this problem early in the I don't think it is necesarily that. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?