Ready to pull the trigger, opinions? (Asus vw266h)


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Aug 8, 2004
Hey guys,

I am ready to buy a new LCD Monitor. I have read through the LCD sticky thread (well, parts of it), and asked a few questions. I use my PC to read various forums (Cars and PC's) and I also game. I *think* that I would like to have 1600x1200 to give me that 'extra' 120 lines of pixels. I don't think that I would mind slight stretching or small black bars. I have been using a Samsung 204b for over 5 years now (1600 x 1200, TN panel) and while I understand the IPS panels have better color reproduction, I am not sure that I would want the additional lag (or slower response time) that come with a IPS panel.

So, I am ready to buy a Asus VW266H. has them for $269.99 - $30 M.I.R. (I'd have to pay $23.30 for tax, but they accept Paypal and Newegg has been pissing me off lately). What do you guys think of that monitor. I realize that it is a bit 'old' (based on how old the reviews are), but that is probably why it is rather inexpensive. I was originally looking for a 24" LCD, but I can't imagine that the 'extra' 1.5" will give a screen door effect.

I think that perhaps I am getting a good deal on older technology just before the newer 120hz monitors come out. Since I am not interested in 3D, I think I will be ok for a few years.

Any reason I should not buy that monitor? Any thoughts?