rc5 help---TACube


Mar 1, 2001
this is the second time I've noticed this problem---if I bring up the window w/ the progress indicator, it seems like it's crunching a little too quickly---my buff-out will fill up really fast. But, when I flush, the stats don't show up. I first noticed this last Thursday---I flushed several hundred packets(or so I thought) but couldn't find any record of it reflected in my stats. Friday all was back to normal, but I just flushed about 40 packets, and they're not showing up on my stats. Just since I started this post, I've got 4 packets in buff-out and halfway through another. WTH is happening to the packets?

edit: I may be confused about what days this happened previously, but it's definitely happening now


Jul 4, 2000
First of all. Dnet stats have been messed up lately so if everything is correct on your side maybe you will be credited for them later.

Do you have a buffer-in? If not, your machine is cracking randoms and because they're only 1 unit in size they'll be done in a jiffy ;)

Did you fill out the correct email-adres?

If you're flushing via a proxy, make sure you've put in the right dns and port number.


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Oct 10, 1999
He's flushing through the borg proxy, so Dnet's mess shouldn't affect him. It will take some time for you blocks that you sent away to show as the proxy updates every half hour. Are the blocks still missing? About the crunching goin fast, it is either that you are crunching randoms (not good) or you simply have small packets containing only a few blocks each. We have been getting lots of small packages lately so this is probably what's happenened to you-nothing to worry about. You can see if you are crunching randoms by checking the lines after a packet is done, it says something like rc5: loading random xxxxxxxx


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Feb 4, 2000
well since you asked TaCube specifically you are probably using Russ's PProxy and have located yourself in the byhost section.what type connection are you using, is your IP changing or do you have several you are flushing from, if so you will need to locate them all and have russ consolidate them.
As far as the speed at which you are completing blocks, it sounds like you have just got a small block size, one of my machines keeps grabbing those from time to time and they count just the same as any others just so long as you are not crunching randoms.
You may want to post you .ini so we can help


Oct 9, 1999

Drop me an eMail with your IP address and when I get some time I'll check through the dns.cache file and see what's up.

Russ, NCNE