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    So the new Razer Synapse 2.0 software hasn't been out long, so I suppose it's expected for it to have some problems.

    The issue I'm sometimes running into is on Windows boot-up the cursor will not move correctly at all. I will drag the mouse side to side on my mouse pad, but the cursor on screen will behave as if there's an invisible wall and be blocked by it. So the cursor will move up and down instead of side to side, and will also just jump to random spots on the screen. Which makes controlling it very very difficult.

    If I reboot everything will be fine on next boot-up, so it's most likely the software trying to sync when Windows is loading but something doesn't quite load correctly. I've never had Windows boot-up twice in a row with the software problem.

    One time when the problem happened I didn't reboot, I wanted to try and see if I could get into the Synapse software and fix it that way. Well I finally managed to bring up the software with my keyboard and with a lot of patience get my cursor to land on the switch user button on the Synapse software page. When I logged out the software tells you it will load default settings until you log back in. As soon as I logged out the cursor was working fine again and I am able to log back in and everything gets synced back to normal like it should be.

    Is anyone else running into this problem? I'm on Windows 7 64-Bit. Also, does anyone know if there's an Official Razer forum?

    .. this should probably be in the software forums.
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