Raze and individual game profiles possible?


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Jan 10, 2011
I have Duke Nukem 3D (Atomic Edition), Shadow Warrior (Classic), and PowerSlave (Exhumed) installed and using them with Raze. I have an issue where in PowerSlave, the Y-axis for my XBox One X controller is not very sensitive, resulting in much slower walking and running speed than it should be in that game but in the other two games the walking and running speed is normal with the XBox One X controller. The issue is even though I can adjust the axis sensitivities in the game's menu to result in the walking/running speed to be where it should be, the axis settings are shared between these 3 games as they share a common raze.cfg file in my Documents folder. This causes the walking and running speed to be faster than it should be in the other two games if I correct for it in one game, if they are all ported to Raze. Is there a way to have individual profiles for each of these games under Raze so it doesn't affect the other 2 games, if I correct the axis sensitivities for one game or is this a limitation of Raze? I tried installing the games each with their own Raze installation and installing the games into the Raze directory with each games as a subdirectory but both these ways didn't result in individual raze controller configurations for each game. Right now the problem game with Raze that I'm experiencing is PowerSlave and I just want to correct for that.
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