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Raspberry Pi/Raspbmc youtoube addon


Sep 29, 2004
I just got a raspberry pi and installed RaspBMC on it. So far it has been simple to use. I got a wireless adapter and FLIRC receiver for it. Got those two items up and running no problems. I hooked up the iOS xmbc remote app to control it from my phone. I saw/read there is a Youtube addon for raspbmc that should let you browse/play youtube content from the pi. I have tried to get that working to no avail. Are there any pi experts here who have experience with the Youtube addon?

I have followed various tutorials that deal with logon issues, but those were all for ver. 4.4.6 that I can see. 4.4.8 is the version that downloads now from the xbmc repository. The furthest I have gotten is to get the app to let me login with credentials generated from my youtube settings for third party apps as some random guide suggested.

If anyone knows more about this than I do, I would appreciate any and all info. Thanks!