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Random musings from a hairy midget.


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Jul 15, 2003
-I dont think I've ever seen as big an improvement in such a short time as I have from UT99 to UT2003 in the quality of graphics, physics, and sound. Which was only punctuated terribly by releasing UT2004 as if it were a full game, even though it was really only a minor update with one new mode and a few new maps for the old modes. Yet because it is still technically superior that's the one everybody uses.
The move to UT3 took quite a bit longer and was not as impressive, especially for the time.

-I honestly don't know if we have any games that look as good as the first E3 video for Crysis, though the newest Ghost Recon is pretty close. They rendered it one frame at a time on a super computer, then passed it off as gameplay, which has since ticked off many Crytek fans and possibly hurt their business.
Fun Fact: After I installed my RTX 2080 I went ahead and gave Crysis another shot, on Steam.
FRAPS says I got 27 frames per second.

-If companies are gonna waste so much time with remakes, why hasnt anybody looked into KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2? Is it a licensing issue?
For that matter I'd like to see plenty of classics redone even if the gameplay doesn't change at all, like Warcraft 1 and 2, Diablo 1, Total Annihilation Kingdoms, Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2, all the Ultimas, most of the Might & Magics, Myst and Riven, and about a hundred others my brain can't recall at this moment. Just put them in some sort of 3D engine and improve the UI. Oh, and Baldurs Gate & Neverwinter Nights in the Pillars of Eternity engine. Red Faction 1 especially, with destructible worlds.

-I really want to see a major push to improve AI, but given the popularity of multiplayer games right now, I don't see that happening soon. Would also like less focus on driving graphics and more focus on new ways to game, more innovation, more ideas.
Again, looking at what sells today, this isn't going to happen. Money drives the industry and right now its mostly being spent on the same old crap, (which is why I'm more hopeful for remakes of classics).

-I am genuinely worried about a major server crash, causing me to lose access to anything I've purchased online. On steam alone I have almost a thousand games, most of them are crap and I won't be playing again, but its still worrisome. On a completely different subject, I do not like the current Steam Library view and its ticking me off.

-I dislike changes simply for the sake of change. Newer is not Better. Better is Better, and if you change something just for the sake of looking active then you don't deserve a job, and you're causing an awful lot of headaches.

-Yahtzee is still hilarious after all these years.

-I've never had so much fun on a computer as I did when I finally figured out how to play Deus Ex properly. I've also not had that same experience since then, and thats been about 17 years now. Its a game that frustrated me the first time I tried playing it and when I went back some time later with a fresh mindset actually impressed me in its design. Same with Baldur's Gate.

-I am genuinely grateful we finally got a new Battletech and a new Mechwarrior, even though it took years. Am also grateful for some of the recent console ports, even though they tend to have issues and don't often utilize they keyboard and mouse properly. I am also grateful for Bloodstained but we need more of that and less of Big Army Guy With Lots of Guns (Yahtzee goes on rants about this every other episode.) I am super grateful for a new Flight Simulator and that's probably one of the few titles for which I will upgrade my system or buy a flight stick.
Am grateful for a new Cyberpunk game and a proper FF7 remake, even though it will likely be a Playstation Exclusive.


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Jan 16, 2005
I have the same concern as you on AI advancement and market influence. But I'm not as concerned. Cyberpunk is supposed to have some of the most advanced AI ever put into a video game. I'm hopeful that CDProjekt Red can show the industry/world that single player games with innovation can make tons of money. They do that, and the landscape might change a bit. Maybe.


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Dec 27, 2001
I'm hopeful they pull off good AI in Humankind. Strategy genre has been so rough with it, Civs are bad, Stellaris bad... and these games keep layering on more features while the AI gets worse.