Random Crashing Fix


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Jan 24, 2006
I noticed a lot of people having random crashing errors. I am not really sure, why or how I got mine to work properly. But I will tell my story, maybe it will help some people out.

My setup is as follows:
AMD X2 4400+ @ 2.2GHz (stock, for now, til I can get it stable :p ) w/ stock cooling
ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe
2 x 1GB OCZ Gold Edition EL DDR500 PC4000 RAM
Enermax 535W PSU w/ dual 12V rails at 18A/rail
2 x WD Caviar 16MB Cache HD's, SATAII
eVGA 7800GTX 256MB (OC'ed version)
Samsung Floppy Drive

Two days ago I was getting ALL sorts of crashes, BSOD's, games throwing errors and CTD, or just the screen going black and the computer restarting. After trying numerous things, I just turned my computer off for the night and went to bed. Can see my posts yesterday for more details :p

Well, I got home from work yesterday and after reading through some of the specs on my RAM, etc. I just thought I would modify the voltages by hand, instead of letting the BIOS do it. My RAM needs 2.8V it said in the specs (OCZ Gold Edition EL DDR500, PC4000). The BIOS just saying Auto did me no good, so I manually set it to 2.7v, for starts. I booted up and everything was fine, it wasn't crashing every 3 minutes! So I downloaded the Memtest86+ program and ran that for about 4-5hours, and I didn't get any errors, or crashes. Are you supposed to run this test for longer? It seems like it just keeps looping to me?

Also, I set my CPU voltage to 1.35V, and from my ASUS manual, the BIOS sets this to 1.425 by default, so maybe this was an issue too?

Anyways, after deciding my memory was working okay, I booted back up into windows and just watched my temperatures and voltages for a bit. Pretty much hovered at 45-51C depending on minimum or maximum load. Then I just said screw it and decided to see if I could break my computer :)

So I booted up EQII, maxed out all the settings and just ran it for a while. Played for about 2 hours with no problems, I was pretty confused at this point. Then I was like, okay, time for CS:S, since this is where my computer was crashing non stop the day before (within 5 minutes of playing the game). I played this for a good 2 hours after EQII and had no problems at all, with everything on max setting ...

My conclusion, I am not sure yet, but possibly the ASUS BIOS is hosed? And I could definitely see my computer crashing A LOT if the RAM was not getting enough voltage, which could have been the problem. So everyone with the crashing errors, I might suggest adjusting the BIOS manually (if you feel comfortable and know what you are doing) and seeing if you can get your computer more stable. Doing that, or just letting my computer sit for a day, not even on, that seemed to have stabilized it. Let me know if anyone else has any insight on what could be the issue.

Also, where can you download Meridian95? Or what other programs are good to test stability over a long period of time? Thanks for the help :)


Feb 22, 2000
Visit the Distributed Computing forums, any of the DC projects will stress the system with 100% cpu load. I personally run the Rosetta@home project.