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    I recently upgraded my RAM from 512MB of Kingston ValueRAM to 1024MB of Corsair TwinX XLL, with advertised latencies of 2-2-2-5, which are programmed into the SPD. My system is the one in my sig. I have the enermax coolergiant 485Watt power supply. The new RAM did 6 straight hours of memtest86 with no errors.

    When playing Warhammer dawn of war with 6 or more players on skirmish my computer would either: a)restart with no warning, i would then be greeted with "Your system has recovered from a serious error", b) Exit to Windows and show an error reporting message (for the game, not windows), c) Exit to windows, no error report. If it didn't restart i looked in task manager to see how much memory was being used and it said about 750MB. When i looked at the details for the games error report they would either say memory write..caused an access violation or memory read...caused an access violation. Never the same memory location but i don't think that matters. I looked on the game's forum and saw other people had similar problems so i put it down to the game rather than my hardware.

    I just decided to install and play far cry, when the loading bar filled up for the first level my computer restarted, followed by recovered from serious error message. I tried playing again, this time got to play for 5mins, after which it exited to windows, after doing ctrl alt del to see how much memory had been used (about 750MB), a message came up saying this system is shutting down, please save all work, i've NEVER seen that one before, the message had a program file path which it didn't display the end of "C:\blahblah\lsass".

    I'm thinking the memory is causing this, but it passed memtest86 with flying colours. Dawn of War worked fine with the old RAM, but then again i was never playing against 6+ players.

    Extra details: latest bios, catalyst 4.9, windows xp sp2, latest nForce drivers, latest game patches, cool'n'quiet enabled

    What should i do? I paid all that money for the 2-2-2-5 latencies, if i get it RMAd will i have exactly the same problem? Is something else causing it?
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