Ram for 1066FSB - DDR2 PC2 8500


Nov 13, 2003
I am looking at memory like these two ...


Yet I see allot of people talking about running this ram at 800 instead of 1066....

My last ram is pc3200 and I run it at over 400mhz fsb ...
Do these ram moduals run slower then usual or are these people just buying them so that they will not have to upgrade and running them at 800?

I am wanting 4gig of something and want a decently fast ram that will oc a bit but nothing outrageous... I don't plan to use fans on the ram. Just a case with good airflow my choice is probably gonna be the Nine Hundred.

Anyways just wondering why people are only getting 800mhz in the reviews. No complaints though.

Also what ram do you all suggest? I was suggested one with LED lights but its out of stock I believe at the egg.


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Dec 4, 2006
The main reason alot of those people are only running them at 800fsb is likely due to 2 factors.

1)They aren't actually overclocking their system and it only supports DDR2-800 - hence they are only getting 800 out of them.

2)If they are overclocking they are doing it in a 1:1 fsb ratio -- running a 1600 quad pumped fsb is really running at 400mhz for DDR2-800 -- people often times find better performance with such a setting on intel chipsets

these factors don't make too much of a difference on the memory choice as it *should* run at its rated specs. But that is all depending if the rest of your system is able to met that speed.

personally I'd stick with the crucial as its cheaper and I like crucial myself. Both are good companies and should be good parts. Watch out on trying to get 4 gigs to run of anything faster than DDR2-800 - the ram might be able to do it but your motherboard might not

1066fsb doesn't mean that you'll need DDR2-1066 either