rage 128 pro (fury, i think) bios files please


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Dec 15, 2000
if anyone could help me out, i would greatly appreciate it. i was trying to flash the bios on another card and my ati was my primary, so it flashed that instead (and made it inoperable) i already have a flashing program, but if you have one as well, i would appreciate it. i think mine will work, but who knows.

ah, yah, i have the agp version with dvi out, so if someone with the same card could give me their bios, i would greatly appreciate it. if you have the card, i can give you the flash program which will allow you to copy the bios if someone would do that. any rage 128 pro would work though. i've looked everywhere for drivers and ati is not responding too quickly to my request for bios files (if they even decide to give me any.) thanks for looking.