Radeon x800gto 512m on vista home premium


Feb 6, 2007
Ok this was something i never had happen to me. I have a pci express radeon x800gto on a windows vista home premium setup and anytime i switch videos on wmp to fullscreen or play any game, 2d/3d/anything the driver immediately stops and recovers between 30-50 times before the machine is stable again. and even though it does that the game quits any wmp has to be ended through task manager and restarted.

Heres my specs

Gigabyte Intel P43 Chipset Motherboard
2g Wintec ampx ddr2 1066 ram (running at 1066
Intel core 2 duo e6600 running at 3.2ghz stable
Radeon x800gto 512m gddr3 ram
2 ide dvd burners
western digital 500g hard drive.
750w power supply (forgot the brand name) 3 12v rails at 18A each. (so i know im not using too much power lol)

The thing about it is i think something is wrong with the drivers, even though ive changed it multiple times, my previous 8800gt worked just fine in this machine and i could play any games like crysis, ut3 and cod4/5 just fine with no problems.

Anyone know what i did wrong? i even took the heatsink off and put ac5 on the card and the temps run very low (always in the 30's even on load....when i can get a reading while its under load.



Sep 7, 2001
I just saw an excerpt from the AMD/ATI KB about X800 on Windows Vista but it wasn't the issue I was looking for information about so I skimmed past it. I don't know if it was a current issue or past one that was already solved in a new driver. Anyway, AMD/ATI's KB relevant to X800 might be worth a look.