Radeon LE 32DDR, 3D background bleeding through, help!


Diamond Member
May 24, 2000
I had my nephews over on the holiday and they were playing Star Wars Pod Racer on my computer. I have the Radeon LE 32DDR in my PC and it has always worked well and given a good picture with no noticable defects or artifacts. I had been running at it's stock 148 mhz setting but decided recently up install power strip and OC it. I decided to go for a modest OC and set the card for 166 mhz. Many/most do 188 mhz or better.

When we were playing Pod Racer, I noticed the back ground was bleeding through in a area in the lower screen, so that through a band, instead of the Pod, you saw the back ground. I have never seen this before today.

I haven't played the game for a while. Here is what I've don't to my system since then: Replaced the motherboard and CPU, OC'd the CPU from 1.0 ghz to 1.33 ghz and OC'd the Video card from 148 to 166 mhz. I have gotten no errors since OCing the CPU.

Any ideas as to what was causing the back ground to blead through the Pod in Pod Racer?

Dion Unroe

Jan 1, 2000
It might have been the overclock, have you noticed anything else other then the bleeding?! When I overclock my Radeon LE 32DDR to 185 I see little stars/sprinkles in random areas on my screen. BTW what kind of 3dMark(latest version) scores do you get?! I have a system very similar to yours...Athlon900Mhz OvrClocked to 954 (106fsb), 384pc133... and I get 3022(highest I can remember). Good Luck! Dion