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Radeon: A/V ouput over different ports?


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Apr 4, 2001

I'm trying to output audio (PCM/bitstream) over DP to my AVR with an adapter and video over HDMI to my TV.

Reason for this is if I use my AVR as an HDMI switcher (Radeon to AVR to TV all via HDMI I lose 23Hz playback and the picture occasionally blinks/goes black while watching movies.

I'm able to do the reverse (HDMI to AVR & DP to TV) but when I do this I lose the ability to set the Pixel Format in Catalyst Control Center) which I need to do for best color settings for my TV.

If I cable everything the way I want my AVR not selectable (greyed out) as an audio device under Windows Sound/AMD CCC while my TV is the default/only selectable audio device. Its like the HDMI port must be the primary/only audio device if used.

I know I can get audio over the DP because when I ony hookup the DP to the TV my TV shows up as the default audio device.

I'm running the latest non-beta Catalyst drivers and Win 7 x64.