Radeon 7500 AIW Cables


Junior Member
Nov 13, 2002
I am considering purchasing an AIW Radeon 7500 that does not come with
any cables or other accessories. This would mean that I would have to
use the internal audio connection to the soundcard. I have read that
for the TV tuners that ATI does not recommend this. Has anyone tried
this method, and does it result in any problems or not sound as good
as the external connection?

Also, I would like to use the video-out functions of the card. Can
this be done using a standard s-video cable? I noticed that the packaged
AIW7500 comes with some sort of single cable with multiple outputs.
If a standard s-video cable can't work, can I purchase ATI cable seperately
from somewhere?

Final question: is the video-in dongle (with s-video and rca jacks)
that is used for the AIW 7500 identical to the one that comes with the
TV Wonder (I have one of those already)?