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R7 260X - good choice for Vegas?


Oct 12, 2014
Guys, I am thinking of getting a new Card to improve the render times using Sony Vegas. I will be dealing with 1080p vídeos, mostly MTS recorded in the best quality, however it takes for example 20h to do that job in the old q9450 for a 165 min. file with 28 GB. So assume it will take at least hours using my new config, i7 4770.

Is the r7 260x going to be an improvement in my case? I don't care too much about playing recent games as much as I do about speeding Vegas. Are there other choices (perhaps better ones) for the same price?

BTW, I noticed you can disable video preview while rendering. Isn't that required to speed things up? Isn't that the reason why the video card has some bearing in how long will it take? Please clarify this bit, I don't know about CUDA, OpenCL or how this thing works but it baflled me nobody thought about turning preview off before.


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Feb 8, 2002
I render with vegas pro on my 7970 Ghz and its faster than my 6 core i7.


Haswell is alot faster than the Core2Quad you are using so you will still want to test the render to see how long it will take. I am suprised you didn't choose the 4770k since this task likes alot of threads.