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Oct 9, 1999
Ok I have a question about reinstalling windows. I have a 120GB HD split into 3 partitions. 10 gigs for windows, 70 gig for mp3s, games and other progs, and 30 for misc. crap.

I recently replaced my 9500 pro with a 6800nu. Here's my mess up:

For some stupid reason I was day dreaming while putting the new card in and and forgot to delete my ATI drivers. Once I booted into windows with the 6800 I remembered and went to uninstall them and run driver cleaner. After that I installed the new nvidia drivers and took off. I don't feel like I'm getting the performance I should. Here are the specs:

nforce2 matx mobo(chaintech summit)
gig of corsair 3200
leadtek 6800nu

Yes, I realize my cpu is a bottleneck but I just don't feel comfortable switching vid cards without a good ol' format. I get around 8005 in 2dmark03 with the setup above.

My question is:

I have steam installed on the 70 gig partition with my other games. If I format my 10gig partition(the one with windows xp pro on it) and reinstall xp will I need to reinstall steam and all my other programs/games? If not, will I notice any difference performance wise by reinstalling windows but not my games/apps?

please help and LMK if you need more info.



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Apr 11, 2001
You'll lose any registry entries that steam created during the install however, I think steam keeps all its critical settings in .ini files located in the game folder. Here's what I'd do. Before you format windows make a backup copy of your steam directory, call it "Steam 2" or something. Once you get a fresh copy of windows up and running install steam (and all your other valve games that you had before) on your system. Then just directly copy over all the new steam install files with the backup files in your Steam 2 folder. This will restore the registry entries and keep all your old stuff just like you had it. my 2c.