quick question..Duron HSF on a Tbird? Also, instability on an Iwill KA266-R...


Sep 12, 2001
I have a 1.2 Tbird here - I bought it knowing it might not work, so I want to give it a shot. I have the heatsink from my old Duron 750 - I put it on the 1.2, and it's nowhere near as tight as the CoolTek that's on my current Tbird (1Ghz)...I can actually move it slightly when it's clipped on. If I put a little ASII on it, will that be okay to test the processor through POST, or is it kinda risky?

Also, my Iwill KA266-R doesn't seem to be really stable - 3dMark ran a test or two, then gave me a black screen. If I close IE, sometimes my DSL connection (PPPoA, USB modem) goes dead...MSDOS window ping command won't even work. I bought this motherboard without a driver disc - is there something I should download for it?