Quetion on Feiyu On Application (Gimbal)

Feb 5, 2018
Hi everyone,

I don't know if this is the right sub to post, but here goes.

So I bought a Feiyu SPG 2 smartphone gimbal, and installed the accompanying app, the Feiyu On app. I don't have any problem with the gimbal per se, but the issue I'm having is with the app itself.

I'm using Xiaomi Mi Max 2, Android 7.1.1 (no official update from Xiaomi as of yet). With the native camera app, I can shoot 3840x2160px pictures. But with the Feiyu On app, I can only shoot 1280x720px pictures. So that's a big size drop. I'm using the previous version of Feiyu On app (the one before the latest). With the latest version, it got worse, I could only shoot at 640px, so I downgraded to the version before. Searched the settings to find where to set the image size, no luck.

So far, I'm using the phone's native camera app, to get higher quality pictures, but then I'm losing the special features of the Feiyu On app, such as auto panorama, auto tracking, etc.

In short, I wanna use the Feiyu On app, but with the native camera resolution of 3840x2160px.

Anybody got any ideas?

Thank you in advance.