Questions about wired security cameras


Junior Member
Sep 13, 2023
I'm new to the world of home security cameras but have watched many videos and read lots of threads. My internet connection is not reliable do want to go with a wired system & dvr. I can't find information on the following however, can someone advise me if these requirements are possible?

Wired security system (2 - 3) cameras for residential house

1) I want to be able to use push notifications or similar so that I can receive notification on phone when away from house (but don't want wireless cameras).

2) The ability to turn off the cameras through an app on the phone or desktop

3) The ability to setup the camera to only turn on when an event occurs, do I have to have 24x7 monitoring or do they have some type of motion sensing in wired cameras.

4) I do not want a subscription service, but curious what others think if you had a break-in and someone stole your dvr what options are there if any for a backup.

5) outside of the cameras, dvr, wires, monitor, keyboard, mouse, router is there other equipment needed?