Question Questions about WiFi 6E.


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Jan 2, 2023
I have a wifi 6E enabled modem and 1.5g internet. I am considering to buy a PCIE Wifi 6E card. The modem is downstairs and my PC is on the second floor upstairs....

  1. How does this setup compare with powerline ? In terms of speed and latency ?
  2. The PCIE wifi 6e card in the link above has an M.2 ax210 intel card under the heatsink ? Can I swap it with an Intel ax411 ?
  3. Does the card in the link cause any latency ? Because there are two interfaces, PCIE and M.2 ? Is there any overhead ? Does it increase CPU usage ?
  4. Are USB Wifi 6e adapters worth it ? USB bandwidth could be shared ? USB has more overhead ? Latency is higher ? USB adapter increases CPU usage ?
  5. What is the minimum speed that I will get with this Wifi 6E setup ? Will I get at least 700mbps with my 1.5g internet ?


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Oct 25, 1999
Powerline performance depends on the electrical environment. So.. it is usually trial and error process.

Similarly is Using Wireless two floors apart.

So you will have to Buy-Try-and Return what is not working for you.

On the other hand the cable that you mentioned in your previous post will do better then Powerline and or Wireless.