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Question Questions about VPNs and how they work


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Dec 3, 2010
My office has multiple locations. Our server is in City A, a couple hundred miles away. I am in City B. We have a VPN connection set up in Windows 10 that I connect to which allows me to access network drives. Our VPN is super slow and when I move (not open or edit, just move) a file from one folder in the City A server to another folder on the City A server the transfer is painstakingly slow on the VPN. So when I move files over VPN does the transfer move the file temporarily from City A to my computer in City B, and then back to it's final location in a new folder on the City A server? Is that why it is so slow?


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Jul 6, 2007
Location A, upload speed 3Mbps, download speed 30Mbps
Location B, upload speed 10Mbps, download speed 100Mbps

The fastest transfer speed will be 3Mbps from A to B
The fastest transfer speed will be 10Mbps from B to A.
And it's the best speed you can get without any VPN encryption.

Yeah, if you are in City B, you copy/move files from folder X to folder Y on City A server using VPN and
it will be copied to city B then copy back to City A.

If you are just working with files on server A, what you should do is just use remote control/remote desktop.

VPN is just for creating a private encrypted network out of public network, it's never meant for speed.
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