Questions about using Estamp software with 930C HP printer


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May 27, 2000
Can someone give me a quick overview on how they use the software to print stamps? First off, what are you printing on? Your own envelops or the labels that the software came with? Whenever you are printing on labels, do you have to print the whole sheet at one time? How do you only print one label at a time without wasting the whole sheet that came with the package? Also, whenever i print on envelops, the ends are cut off of the stamp. Does this make the stamp valid still? Thank you

P.S. I am trying to use up my $50 promotional credit, as I heard that estamp is going down under. Is there any way I can get a cash refund for this somehow or do I just have to use up the credit? Thx


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Oct 9, 1999
yea... I got that credit too. I'd like to use it before it goes BYE BYE!

(probably got it from the same deal as you Hankysmoo


Apr 4, 2000
i'm trying the same thing, one of the threads in this forum, maybe a different forum says to try to get a refund from the post office. I went down there today and asked the guy what if i printed out the wrong amount on my e-postage thingy and he said to bring it in and he'll see what he can do, but he doesn't guarantee me anything until he trys to confirm my serial number and license number and stuff like that, but he says he's never had to do this before and doesn't know if he can help me, its worth a shot though, i'm going to print out the whole $50 and say i wanted to print out a $5.