Question regarding AMD Athon 1.1Ghz/Gigabyte Mobo & Win98


Oct 8, 2000
Hey folks,

I have recently re-installed Windows 98, 1st Edition on my new Athon 1.1Ghz system.

Systems specs are:

AMD Athlon @ 1.1Ghz
Gigabyte GA-7IXE4 AMD, socket A
SB-Live! Value
Prophet 2 Geforce MX
Iomega SCSI Controller (for Jaz drive)

Now, when I install Windows 98, I begin to install the mobo drivers from CD. The miniport driver works fine, but when I get around to the AMD EIDE Bus Mastering driver, Windows 98 goes south, and it's ugly. Basically, the system goes into an endless reboot cycle.

To remedy the problem, I went into Safe Mode and removed the AMD driver.

Now, the system is running fine, but under the "Device Manager" tab, I have a category labeled "Other: PCI Bridge" with a big yellow question mark on it.

Basically, I'm not interested in fixing it, because the system is fine. :) But, I am interested in learning more about what causes this, and how I can avoid it in the future.