question on Radeon 8500


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May 9, 2000
Hey All
I'm thinking about getting an "ATI" Radeon 8500 (128meg memory) but since I'm a Nvidia dood :) , I'm confused at to which card to get, the "ATI" Radeon 8500 (128meg memory) or the "ATI" Radeon *AIW*8500 card. I have read quite a lot of reviews and it seems that the AIW card is faster then the "ATI" Radeon 8500 (128meg memory). Is this true ?

I am a gamer first and all other adventures with my computer are secondary BUT I do a lot of surfing on the web and other computer stuff so thats why I am leaning towards the 8500 since everyone says how awesome the 2D graphics are and now the Radeon 8500 is as fast or fatser then the GF3 (which I currently own).

All you GF3/Radeon 8500 users. please sound off !! I need to know which ATI is the one I need...

Thanks :D


Feb 26, 2001
If your gaming just get the standard card, if your doing video capture, editing and all that junk get the VIVO.