Question on i7-4770k Temperature with Corsair H100i ; Good or Bad?


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May 7, 2013
Hello All,

I recently finished a new build and I wanted to check to see if my temps are normal.

I have a i7-4770K (running stock) and a Corsair H100i with two Noctua NF-F12 PMW (running full speed, 1452 rpm) fans. I have the radiator mounted on the top inside of my case in a pull configuration (so radiator/fans/case top). Also, the pump is running at 2228 rpm.

My case is a NZXT Source 530 with two Corsair SP120 High Performance fans at the bottom and two Noctua NF-A14 PMW 140mm fans at the front. I have a 140mm rear fan and a 120mm fan at to top (next to the radiator fans).

I have two EVGA GTX 780Ti's (SC w/ ACX Cooler), and they are running at about 36c-39c.

My ambient room temperature is: 32c. This was taken in front of my case using my Galaxy S4 (I do not have any other device to measure temperature).

My temperature readings are below. I used RealTemp to take my CPU readings.

Idle (desktop only):
Core 0 = 40c
Core 1 = 40c
Core 2 = 38c
Core 3 = 40c

Load (Prime95, 15 min, 3.9Mhz):
Core 0 = 76-78c
Core 1 = 76-77c
Core 2 = 70-72c
Core 3 = 68c-70c

World of Warcraft (Only CPU bound game I could think of):
Core 0 = 45c-48c
Core 1 = 44c-45c
Core 2 = 43c-44c
Core 3 = 46c-47c

I did check to see if the Corsair bracket on the back of the motherboard is tight, and it is. I also tightened the CPU block as tight as it will go, making sure I do an X pattern (not one side first then the next). I also know that the hot air from my GPU's are blowing into my case.

I think my numbers are ok but I am not sure. I look at review sites and I find a bunch of different numbers. Also, I would like to know how some sites calculate the temperature when they factor in the room temperature (do you just subtract the room temp from the CPU temp?).

Everyone’s help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.