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Question question for anyone who has an Apple Watch and syncs music


Jan 6, 2002
2016 iPhone SE + Apple Watch 6 here, both with the latest updates. I've Googled this and see a lot of people with a similar speed problem. I'm finding suggestions all over the place on how to fix it. I sync a simple 5-8 song playlist 3 times a week, and it takes a stupidly long time, like maybe an hour. Some people say this is about normal for them, others say a sync of a whole playlist is a few minutes. I've tried disabling BT on both so it uses Wifi, if it made it faster it was still super slow. I've tried rebooting both during the sync. At this point the only thing I can come up with is my music's Apple Lossless and maybe it has something to do with transcoding it to a format the Apple Watch supports. But I can't imagine it'd possibly take almost 10 minutes a song to do that. When I sync from iTunes to my iPhone it takes 20 maybe 30 seconds, so I don't think there's anything wrong with my phone.

Most of what I've read on Google people say turning off BT forces it to use Wifi and it'll be real fast after that, but that doesn't do a damn thing for me.