Question about Xenon 5660 Westmere


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Jun 10, 2011
Have a few questions....

I have a Xenon 2.8/12M Westmere Six core CPU (actually I have 2, I'll probably sell one though)


sSpec Number: SLBV6
Model: BX80614X5660
CPU Speed: 2.80GHz
Bus Speed: 6.4GT/s
L3 Cache Size: 12 MB
L3 Cache Speed: 2.8 GHz.
Package Type: LGA1366
Manufacturing Technology: 32 nm.
Core Stepping: B1
CPUID String: 206C2h
Thermal Design Power: 95W
Thermal Specification: 81.3oC
VID Voltage Range: 1.3V

Is there any reason I wouldn't build a gaming system around this CPU? It was a system pull so I didn't pay $1,200 for it (I work for a non-profit that is notorious for scrapping good equipment). Currently I have a quickly aging system that features a C2D Wolf 3.0/ 4Gb/ GTX260....

Will this CPU (LGA 1366) work with an i7 motherboard like this:

Is there any reason the LGA 1366 MB is a bad idea? Memory recommendations?

The 5660 seems to be equivalent to the Core i7-980X minus 533MHz. Are there other significant differences?

Given the Xenon's lower power, shouldn't a little extra voltage allow for a decent OC if the multipliers aren't a hindrance?

On a separate note.. How does the Core i5 in the same clock speed hold it's own so well against the Core i7 980X at the same clock speed? It looks as though the extra cache helps a lot in certain processing tasks, but has minimal affect on 3D games where cache would make less of a difference.

Last question, If i'm going to sell the extra CPU, I figure it's worth a little less then the Core i7 980X given it's slower clock speed.

If the 980X is selling for $1,000 then ~$750 is a fair price to ask for bare 5660 CPU (given the Newegg list is over $1,200. I figure the Folding guys would be interested in a CPU like this....

Thanks for taking a read....

I used to keep up with this stuff daily, but now I manage data for a large organization, so I don't have the time.... Little help is appreciated.



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Jun 10, 2011
If you can get 750 for it. Sell it and grab an i5 2500K, ram, MB, and SSD.

Well, it's not like if I sold the CPU that $750 is all the $$$ i have. As far as drives go, I have 3 600gb 10k SAS drives I was going to raid and more 500gb and 1tb Seagate Barracuda drives then I know what to do with.

Having said that wouldn't I be better off with the i7 2600k?

Hopefully someone will address more of my questions....



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Mar 11, 2011
You could definitely build a gaming rig around that! Use the $750 to poick up two 6970's and a boot SSD, or even a third 6970.


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Jun 7, 2009
I have a pair of 5645 Westmeres, stock 2.4GHz, @ 3.4GHz on an SR-2. I would've had a higher OC, but that's 1: with ECC memory (1333/C9/1.5v), and 2: just slightly above stock voltage. They're cooled by Prolimatech Megashadows and 120mm Aerocool Sharks in push-pull (A Megashadow is just a black Megahalem). They make quite a gaming system, but there are more effective, cheaper (2500k) systems. I'd sell those, if I were you; for the price of an SR-2, you can buy a 2500K, high-end air cooling, memory and a MB... my SR-2 was 650 bucks. The SR-2 isn't a real server board; it has no IPMI, has shitty desktop LAN, and is absolutely huge (almost MEB sized).

That being said, using desktop memory, you could get those Xeons to 4+GHz easy.


Edit: A cheap Sandy Bridge system is also a faster gaming machine than my SR-2.