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question about setting up Spectrum remote


Jan 6, 2002
I Googled, didn't find anything that helps me. Neighbors Spectrum remote stopped working so they got a new one. I'm trying to help them set it up. Their box is in a closet down the hall and there's a long HDMI cable. I can't get behind the TV to check stuff out how everything's hooked up. I went thru the Spectrum remote menu, and I'm not seeing anything about CEC. If I open the closet and point the remote it controls the cable, if I try to do it from the living room the remote no longer controls the box. Since it worked with the old remote and nothing else has changed, I'm trying to figure out what I need to setup. The remote does turn the TV on and off and the volume of the sound bar.

I'm not finding anything on Google about configuring CEC on the cable box, but since the old remote worked I know it will work. Does anyone have a suggestion? I'm out of ideas. The box is a Spectrum 210t if that helps anyone.


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Aug 11, 2001
I could be wrong, but the search I did, suggests the 201-t is made by Technicolor and the older, more common remote is an IR remote that will work with it (line of sight, since it's an IR only remote, but the box supports both IR and RF), but the newer remote is RF (radio frequency) based using the ZigBee RF4CE standard. So I suspect that it previously working wasn't based on CEC, rather that the replacement remote is the older style without RF, or if it is the newer RF remote then see below about pairing. I have no idea if the IR and RF remotes both look the same.

Another possibility is that some Technicolor RF remotes have to be paired to the box. Here are two examples, where this page reads Pairing Your Remote Using Radio Frequency:

And this PDF where page 12 reads "If it becomes necessary to re-pair the unit". I'm not suggesting this is the correct manual for the 201-t, just another way a technicolor box might be set up:
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