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Quest Question on Baldurs Gate 2.


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Jul 15, 2003
A couple of times while in the Drow City (undercover) I messed up and got everyone hostile towards me. I always got ticked off and reloaded my last save to avoid messing up again.
But it never occured to me what would happen if I just let it go and continued on.

Has anyone ever tried to plow through, grab the dragon eggs and just haul ass?

The only reason I ask is I dont feel like going through all the mini quests and especially dont want to waste time with the Kuo-Toa, Beholder, or Mind-Flayer lairs. I know its possible to come back to the Underdark later and I can still get all the neat goodies inside if I want.
I'd just like to give Adalon her eggs and continue with the main quest.


Jun 23, 2001
Its been a while since I've played BG2, but as I recall, there are some fairly interesting quests in the drow city. It wasn't all that hard for me to maintain my cover while in the city, even playing as a good party. I lied to the guards a few times, even staged a slave revolt on my way, and I also enjoyed the quests involving Phaere(the drow princess?) and her ex.

I also recall some really powerful items being in the Mind flayers, Beholders, and Kuo-Tua. Of all of them, only mind flayers seemed to give me trouble. The illithids have an instant death ability that used to really cripple my party in battle.


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Oct 19, 2006
So youre just going to skip over one of the best parts of the game? why even bother playing?

I've explored every inch of the underdark every time i played the game and its quite possibly my favourite part of BG2. do yourself a favor and play it in its entirety.

now pass the salt.


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Jul 15, 2003
I've played its entirety well over 12 times now. And never thought the Drow city was THAT great for me after the first run.
Am sorry I started this thread now. No real anwers and people already talking about cool it was means I'm not going to get any useful posts here.
I didnt start this for nostalgia guys, I did it because I had a real question.

Did it. Got about as far as I cared to with the Drow quests and created a special save.
Suprisingly easy. All you have to do is kill the guards near the egg room. You dont even find a key, the doors just open.
Whack the golems and you have the eggs. Then you can either cast mass invisibilty and run, or fight your way out, which isnt nearly as tough as I thought.
Give ol' girl her eggs and the main quest continues normally.

I will probably go back into the lairs for the Girdle of Frost Giant Strength to make The Hammer, but thats really all I need.
Maybe grab the greenstone amulet and parts to The Equalizer as well.


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Jul 15, 2003
UPDATE for those who never experimented.

It doesnt matter how you do the egg swap, you will be forced to kill Phaere and the Matron Mother no matter what. Depending on how it works the Demon Lord may or may not expose your true identity. You can mouth off and choose to fight him for some good XP and minor treasure, and get the eggs back.
If any of your decisions somehow allow the demon to touch the silver dragon eggs, he will taint them and Adalon will be angry and attack you, (regardless of the fact you killed all 3 of her enemies).
Killing the silver dragon gets you a scroll to unlock the gate to the overworld and also some silver dragon blood, which doesnt seem to actually do anything.

For those who never got this far or took shortcuts:
The most effective/beneficial method to deal with the situation is putting Phaere's fake eggs in the storeroom, giving Phare the other fake eggs from Soulafien, and keeping the real ones for yourself.
Let the demon be summoned, let him get angry at both fake eggs and kill both women, keep quiet and let him leave peacfully, then grab their loot and run out. Drop off the good eggs with Adalon and let her take you out.

One very easy shortcut is to simply whack Adalon the first time you see her and skip past all the Drow nonsense. The best loot is in the outlying caves anyway.
I had a party full of warriors when I dealt with Adalon so she wasnt too bad.