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Quake Live


Feb 22, 2007
A bit old news but the signups are open for quake live.
Its quake online, ad based , so its free.

One thing they got wrong on the info below is that its NOT browser based.
Its a standalone exe that doesn't require the browser to play.

info about the game:
At GDC this week, id Software and IGA Worldwide, a leading network of in-game advertising solutions, announced a partnership to bring Quake Live to the web (via Kotaku). And when we say web, we literally mean your web browser -- the game, along with stat-tracking, friends lists, sponsored tournaments and matchmaking, is all accessed through a web browser, ad-sponsored and free of charge.

Quake Live is the final incarnation of what John Carmack called "Quake Zero" back when he first revealed the idea of a free, ad-based, browser-accessible Quake game at Quake Con last year. Quake Live in its entirety will be accessed through quakelive.com, which currently leads you to a sign-up form for the Quake Live beta test. The press release doesn't offer many details on exactly how ads will be displayed within the game, other than that it will offer "opportunities to dynamically-target brands to audiences within a broadly accessible version of one of the world's premiere game franchises."

"id Software is among the proverbial godfathers of modern gaming and we are thrilled to be working with them on their first title in our 'freemium' category," said Justin Townsend, CEO of IGA Worldwide. "This partnership is only the latest testament to the increasing acceptance of in-game as an effective, measurable advertising medium and a strategic revenue opportunity for publishers and developers."

This so-called "freemium" model of gaming is one that's catching on, specifically on the PC. Electronic Arts and DICE recently made headlines when they revealed Battlefield Heroes in the pages of GFW Magazine, their new Battlefield game that will similarly be released free of charge and supported by advertising and microtransactions.

As for Quake Live, there's no word yet on when it's expected to launch, nor when the beta will begin, but we'll keep you posted as we hear more.


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Jan 24, 2004
I don't know if I want something like that to succeed. I think free ad funded games are a great idea, but the more free ones that are successful the more they're going to put them into 50$ games that don't compensate the gamer for having to watch ads at all.