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Quake II (free on Bethesda launcher) next 72 hours. Quake III next week.


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Sep 1, 2010
great game, which without it there may have not been a Half-Life... at least as we know it.

too bad I uninstalled the launcher like a year ago. might actually be in my Steam library


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Apr 26, 2015
This also was my first game that i bought on CD for a computer for $49.99. It was also a scary game at that time for me because of darkness and creepy looking enemies like that Commander in the picture. Played that game many times since then and never got tired of it.

There is a graphics mod called XP that make game look much better.
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May 14, 2014
Same here, first big pc game I ever played.

The RTX version (free if you own the game) looks mostly like that, funny I could run it even without a RTX card just reducing resolution to… 640x480. On a 1070 it gets a measly 30 FPS!
But it's a good idea of how much games could improve when full raytracing will be doable on all the rendering pipeline.


Jun 3, 2011
look up Quake (1) Darkplaces mod. High resolution skins, freelook mouse, dynamic lights, high res monitor support.
the reason why is that, imho, Q1 is the best quake to play single player. they got worse and worse and worse and not quite as bad;
Q1 - best quake
Q2 - nowhere near as fun
Q3 - wtf is this
Q4 - uh .. not horrible, about as good as Q2
QC - no SP campaign at all

Q1 + darkplaces is still totally playable and very much fun, today. Q2 sucks in comparison, but it was considered better at the time because of the mouse support - which Q1 vanilla did not have - and the higher resolution .. and some truly mediocre lighting that overshadowed the fact that the whole game is beige and brown.

I understand that Q2 is getting all that Ray-Tracing stuff now, 4k res, but Q2 cannot escape the fact that map design and monster placement absolutely sucks.

Q3 Arena just tried to bring the multiplayer experience to single-player, which, is not a terrible idea, but it wasn't super-obvious back in 1998. I should say that i've played the online version of Q3 for about 10 years, staring in 2008, when id soft launched QuakeLive, but as a single-player quake player, in 1998, without any mou5Sk1lz, playing vs hardcore bots, you would not have enjoyed yourself much.
Oct 9, 1999
they still have weekly L fire and LMCTF(the first CTF for quake 2) games. currently in a LMCTF q2 league that's been going on all summer.

q2 is alive and well


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Nov 16, 2006
I'm hoping we get a refresh (even of the RTX variety) of the OG Quake. That first gen of fully 3d shooters has aged worse than the sprite based games that came before them (i.e. Doom looks better than Quake).

I was never able to get into the first game because a) it made me nauseous and b) I was young and had no money and c) it looked like ass.


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Apr 26, 2003
Quake II was probably my first true FPS, if you don't count Doom (played SO MUCH Doom, but mostly on consoles). I played actual CTF and DM in QII back in about 1997/98. Dial up Pings were a formidable opponent in and of themselves causing long leads and excellent timing to actually get kills. I recently played some DM and some Instagib in the Steam release of QII (the ray tracing version, just with Ray tracing turned off since I only have a 1070). I own the original so I could get on and see the entire game, and use the multiplayer server finder. Was VERY cool to get back into a match and hear all those old sound effects, and the utter satisfaction of picking someone off at a million miles away with a rail slug.

Absolutely Love Quake II. Tastyspleen even had a small tournament on August 9th. i didnt get to play, but shows theres at least a small hard to squash community behind the game.


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Sep 13, 2008
I have them all on steam. Quake 2 XP is good, but lately it has been buggy in my setup, so I switched to KM Quake 2.

IMO Quake 2 and Quake Wars are the best Quakes so far.