Question Quadro M2000 Thermally Limited, Recommendations Choosing / Modding a Aftermarket Cooler?


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Jan 14, 2022
Hello everyone, I was thinking of doing a bios mod to my M2000 (53mm 'side to side' spacing), but it is clearly thermally limited first and foremost (even after re-paste and mount). Max allowed clock seems to be 1227 mhz, but after hitting 80c, clocks move (and stay) to 1050-1150 based on workload, making bios modding past its current limits basically moot. So I've looked for coolers and they all basically fall into these categories:

A) Proper spacing, decent cost (since I don't think it makes sense to spend a large portion of the card cost just on the cooler), may not actually be any better than the stock heatsink [lots of 'custom' after market heatsinks like this sort of thing:].

B) Fit, ok-ish price, may be way too big for the card (for example having one end extend out past the video outputs) / have clearance issues [basically real gpu heatsinks with the same mount spacing like this:{"sku_id":"10000012726755159"}&pdp_pi=-1;35.0;-1;-1@salePrice;USD;search-mainSearch]

At his point I think I've looked at so many coolers and price points my brain is melting...This is my front runner so far [], and I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions / tips on picking aftermarket coolers in general (or for Quadros specifically).

[I know Arctic used to make some coolers that would basically be perfect for this, but it seems they were all discontinued a year or two ago and are almost nowhere to be found expect on ebay for crazy prices...]

Any ideas appreciated, thank you for reading.


Nov 14, 2011
How is your case ventilation? Any place you could mount a fan that would blow cold air directly onto the GPU? That's where I would start.