Q's about a new Pup we adopted...


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Jun 20, 2000
Wife and I recently (We got him on Sept 11th.) adopted a shelter pup, he's a mix (predominately Cocker Spaniel). His name is Mortimer and he's about 6months old (http://tinyrc.com/lincoln/PictureWorld.htm).

We've been buying books and looking online and reading up everthing about Cockers and dog care in general (while she's had dogs before, Mort is my first).

Here's a few things I'm still working on and would appreciate a hand in the right direction...

- Crate training:
We bought one of those 'tent-like' transportable crates that's easy to foldup and take with you if you want to go anywhere. So far all we've had to do is put a doggie pillow in there and he's pretty much taken right to hanging-out and sleeping in the crate (as long as we leave it open). Can anyone recommend a SPECIFIC procedure or trick to get Mort adjusted to having the crate CLOSED (for when we leave)? He likes resting in his bed (which is in the crate) but I don't want him to change his mind if we do things wrong with locking him in too prematurely.

- Taking him out:
For a pup that's around 6months...How long after eating does it 'work' it's way out of the dog? We have Mort on a 2-a-day eating regiment, but we've only had him a couple of days and he's dealing with diarrhea so I'm in the dark about how long after feeding to take him out. I know for water, you usually take them out 15 minutes after drinking (right?).

I'm sure my questions are quite common, if anyone can suggest some sites that you find to be really helpful...That would be great as well.

Thank you!


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Oct 11, 1999
For our dog (golden retriever) at around 6 months we would take her out maybe every 2 hours during the day and usually that was fine. No set time after eating was necessary, plus she learned to go by the door and whine when she needed to go out, so we were lucky that way.