QNAP managed switch 8x 1GbE-T + 4x combo SFP+/10GbE-T/multi-gig (+mgmt lan) $349 @ Amazon ($110 off)


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Aug 25, 2001
I actually ordered one when I saw it, then I cancelled the order just a little bit ago because it would have made my finances too tight until next month.

But anyways, @ $419 or whatever this goes for, not such a hot deal.

But if you look at it, as a combination of the Netgear 8x 1GbE-T + 2x 10GbE-T switch (MSRP $199 unmanaged, $230 or so managed), and the new TrendNet 5-port 10GbE-T/multi-gig (unmanaged) switch for $320, combined and managed altogether, I think that it's kind of a deal.

They do also make a QNAP managed switch like these, with 8x 2.5GbE-T, but I've only seen it with 2x SFP+/10GbE-T/multi-gig combo ports, not four. Also, way more expensive.

I did also pick up one of those unmanaged, 2x 10GbE-T/multi-gig + 4x 2.5GbE-T QNAP switches @ B&H for $169. It was listed as "in-stock", but I haven't been charged for it yet, so I don't know if that is an error, or if they are really going to ship it.

That switch (the 2x 10gbe + 4x 2.5gbe QNAP) has been showing on and off @ Amazon for some future date (always two weeks to a month in the future), so I don't know if they've just been pre-selling it, or if production of it has just been continually delayed. It's now "unknown if restock ever again" on Amazon, which is kinda weird, seeing as B&H lists it as "in-stock".