Q6600 B3,,,need help with my new set up.

Nov 28, 2006
I have a Q6600 and I want to rebuild and over clock my set up correctly.
I have learned that I have a B3 model not a Go. No, I didn't wait for the Go because the B3 was free..lol So I really cant complain.
I want to take my Q6600 up to a modest 3.2.
Also, i picked up another raptor and would like to raid. I have never used a raid config before.
Here is my old set up:

Thermaltake armor jr
evga 680i mb
Intel e6400 3.2ghz
Evga 8800 gts
Ocz psu 700 watts
ocz titanium 6400 2gigs
Zalman 9500
creative xi-fi soundcard
Wd 150gb raptor, 250gb, 500gb hd's
Running windows xp and vista ultimate (dual boot)

I would like my new set up to be the same except, I want to run the raptors
in raid and have the WD 250 as storage and change the 500gb into an external.(or vise/versa)

Can anyone give me advice or suggestions on what voltages to use for cpu and memory
as well as raid info. This will be by first quad core and my first time ever using raid.

Thanks in advance