q3a tech prob w/ GeForce2 GTS

Feb 25, 2000
In the base on q3ctf1, I get these weird dark polygons that flash all over the screen. It only appears in the base on this map and while I'm on the upper level. The dark shapes just go all over the place and are quite distracting when I'm defending the flag. It's not the q3a code because this didn't happen with my viper II. (Crazy, I've had more image problems with my GeForce2 than with the Viper II that everybody harshed on.)
GeForce2 GTS on 5.30 ref drivers.

Any ideas?



Junior Member
Mar 18, 2000
i have the same problem.
i started with the leadtek drivers and switched to the detonator drivers 5.22. it's a lot better but sometimes it still does it. i bought this because i needed more fps in 32bit color in multiplayer. i had a leadtek 32m geforce ddr which other than slowing down in 32bit mode in a big map, worked flawlessly. so i dished out the 359$ for the gts 2 64 mb again leadtek, because iwas so happy with my other one. i guess the new chip was supposed to be an improvement. you're right, it is pretty distracting, please let me know if you figure something out and i will do the same! thanks, rick