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(Q) Anyone able to connect Galaxy S8+ to late 2017 HP Spectre 13 laptop?


Jul 19, 2002
I've tried 5 different USB Type C to Type C cables (3 different Anker, one j5create, one Belkin) & the result is always the same - constant cycle of Mount then Unmount.

HP Spectre 13 (8th gen Core i7) is on the latest version of Windows 10 Home with latest HP & Intel drivers installed.

The GS8+ is the Unlocked 955U1 GS8+ currently running Oreo 8.0.0 Beta 4.

Only method that has worked so far is by using the HooToo USB Type C hub with USB A ports.

I cannot believe I can't just simply connect my phone to my laptop with a Type C cable.

Just for reference, I can connect the GS8+ to my older 2012 HP Pavilion laptop just fine using the Samsung OEM USB A to USB C cable.

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