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Question PWM Max Fan Speeds


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Jul 29, 2000
Edit - Sorry I guess I got confused by the 120mm high speed fans I just installed on my radiator being 2200 rpm, but my case fans are 1600 rpm. Also forgot that two of the 140s are not high speed. So it's all solved now :)

Hi Guys,

I used to be pretty active in these computer forums, but I took a decade+ long hiatus from PCs and just built my first computer in a while.

I'm using an MSI MEG ACE Z490 motherboard, and I have some Silent Wings 3 140mm high speed fans hooked up to the SYSFAN1-5 headers on my motherboard.

What's weird is that the max speeds for them in PWM mode is not reaching the advertised 2200 rpm, and what's weirder is that the max speeds are not the same across the fans.

A couple get up to 1600 rpm and a couple get up to 1000 rpm when I manually set the motherboard to max speed. I have all the headers configured for PWM mode.

Is there something else I'm missing?

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