Push/Pull Fan Suggestions


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Jan 10, 2007
I'm currently running push on my NZXT x61 and will be adding pull to the Rad. My problem is purely superficial.

I don't want the ugly frame and stat figures stickers that OEMs tend to put on the backside of the fan which is typically where the air is being pushed out.

I bought two Corsair Af140 purple LED but they perform the opposite of what I want, the "pretty" sticker is intake and the ugly side is put. I can use them for exhaust so it's no biggie but I still need to find preferably solid black fans that do not have fugly stickers. Worse case scenario I will cover it in black tape or marker but prefer not having to do that.


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Mar 19, 2007
If it's the back of the fan, get a hair dryer out, warm up the sticker, peel it off (edit) and put them on wax paper so you can put them back on later if you have to return them.

If you don't want to go that route, I think EK Vardars are the only solid 140mm fan without a sticker that I could find.

Edit 2: Forgot about Noiseblocker fans and I own them... e-Loops are finicky because the fan blades stick out past the fan frame. BlackSilent Pros are pretty good and don't have that problem.

Fractal Design has the Venturi as well.
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