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Pulley system for loft stairs


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Jun 8, 2001
My system has an A frame house in Virginia with a lift. The stairs to the loft are metal and wood (they have to weigh a couple hundred pounds) and are attached to the front of the loft...so they are NOT like attic stairs where they go up through a hole in the ceiling.

Apparently they were never finished. There are no springs, pulleys, etc attached to them, so they are always down. I am wondering if anyone knows anything about these and how they might be finished? As I see if they need to have something added so that the tension keeps them up at all times unless they are pulled down (and would then somehow lock into place)...


Aug 17, 2000
Some things to think about when taking those pics.

Do the metal parts look like they were made for this task in a factory or do they look like they were fabricated on-site? Are they just pieces of angle iron and such or are they smooth jig bent pieces of metal?

If it is factory made, maybe you can find a manufacturer's sticker or stamping on the underside of something. They might be able to give you some info.

Is there anything in their construction to give any hints as to how the builder might have intended the stairs to rise like attachment points or cantilever arms?