Rahul Hingonekar

Junior Member
May 26, 2018
Hello there,
Recently today my PSVR 2 Headset ( Latest Model ) cable which connects to processor unit got cut into 2 pieces and there is no support from Sony as this is an imported product from the USA. As said by other peoples who are facing the same issue like this that even if Sony agree to repair it then the repair cost would be almost the same like purchasing a new one, So is there some way so I can rejoin this broken cable like soldering or something. Please check attached screenshots to understand the whole scenario.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Please let me know if someone has any solution to rejoin this and what precautions do I need to follow while doing the rejoin process. Thank you

Fallen Kell

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Oct 9, 1999
I don't see why soldering matching wires wouldn't work.
It might, but it all depends on tolerances of the signals. You will also need to try and reconnect/distribute the braided shielding that you twisted up on both ends of the cable and wrap it back around the bundle. Make sure you either solder some of that shielding back together and/or run a jumper wire and solder it to a good spot on both sides of shielding across the cut/gap, as it probably has a ground passing through the shield (to dissipate the interference it blocks from hitting the underlying wires). be very careful about insulating each of those joins with some good electrical heat shrink. If you have them, use a pair of calipers and measure the diameter of those individual wires as well as the wire bundle in order to get heatshrink tubing that will shrink smaller than that diameter to hold it all in place. I think 3M has tubing as small as 1.19mm inner diameter and will shrink to essentially 1/2 that size (and probably cost more to ship than the tubing).