PS5 Fan Noise


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May 24, 2005
I received the worst fan, Nidec fan in my PS5. With an background noise of 28db, the idle noise of the PS5 was around 32db and the in game noise was 43db. The actual noise level didn't bother me as much as the warbling sound that people describe as UFO noise, the noise constantly varies by like 4-5db every second which really draws attention to the fan noise.

I bought online the other two fans just to test them out:

The NMB fan resulted in idle noise of 29db, and in game noise of around 38db.

The Delta fan had an idle noise of 29db, and in game noise of around 34db.

The Delta fan was incredibly quiet, to the point where I couldn't hear the difference between idle and gaming when sitting around 10 feet away from the media console. The only thing I could hear was the coil whine of the PS5, which is present with all fans either way. So...yeah the Delta fan is crazy quiet. The Delta fan is perceptually a little louder at idle than the NMB fan, for whatever reason the coil whine seemed more obvious at idle. But during gaming it was pretty much the same. So I would say, the Delta fan is definitely worth it. It's probably still somewhat louder than the Xbox Series X as I believe they did even more noise suppression in their design which even reduces coil whine noise. But still, it's impressive, and you can buy the fans online so I would definitely say it's worth it to get the Delta.


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Aug 11, 2001
Unless the fan was wearing out, I'd suspect most of the difference is the combination of RPM and blade design to the extent of how much air it's moving.

Can you monitor relevant temps? I mean also the VRM/power section using an IR thermometer?

One simple/cheap way to throttle back a fan is put a series resistor on the power lead, around 2W rated, ohm value depends on full speed rating of fan and how much throttling is desired. Generally around 22ohms might be right for the sound level differences you listed but a little experimentation with different values can fine tune that, again with the concern of how much it raises temperature.